It’s Been a Decade in the Making

December 2019. I have been completely slack in updating this page. Life has been racing so fast. I look forward to the new beginning in the church and the country. May open hearts, open minds, and open doors lead us to the heart God and our trust in Jesus Christ.

All is Fine in 2009

January 2009 – This is a monumental time in the history of our nation and the history of the world. It is sad to watch the power of partisan politics and promised pork take presidince over the priorities of the people placed in positions of power and trust, make poor decisions and im-proper policies that place our nation in peril of a perminant posture for ph-ailure. Therefore, pray for our president and the political powers that be, have a change of heart and repeal their personal gain and pet project for the people’s good..

December – On the first day of Advent my true love gave to me, a simple reminder that Christmas is not about me. On the second day of Advent my true love gave to me, two words of wisdom, Christ-mas or Holy-day or Merry Christmas, just not “happy holidays”…

November – Thanksgiving in Asheville, NC. a town that is filled with many beautiful sights and many self-asorbed pedestrians and coffee drinkers, and the mall is reflective of the new community the city has become. “It ain’t what it use to be.” “Thankgoodness we lived there when it was, what it was.” “How many people can you pack in the Grove Park Inn to see ginger bread houses?” It was nice to meet in familiar company with a delicious day of rest and relaxation.

October –  Freshman Luke get some Varsity field time for the Indians, Susanna gets excited about college, and Frances enjoys downtown Blue Ridge as Pink Fairy along with her Mother, the original “Blue Fairy.”Typically not our favorite month, but it has marked the 8th aniversary of the wedding of the millenium.

September – Pneumonia No More, we hope!  The firs ttime to miss preaching three Sundays in a row and no vacation pictures to show for it. I have never been so weak and worn out so easily. Drink you fuilds and rest. It is the only cure, well some kick butt antibiotics certainly make a difference.

August – Monumental Back to School Firsts: Sus is a SENIOR, Luk a freshman on the JV football, and FAB starts Kindergarten.

July – You know it is humid in New Orleans in the summer time

June – John and Wendy have back-to-back surgery, not to be repeated

May – School’s out for summer…

April – John goes wild: two live concerts in one month. The Boss and the Eagles. oh yeah!!

March – Happy 5th BDay to FAB

February – Nanna is celebrating another year, and the William foursome will be at the beach. Look for more photos.

January –  The tree finally down, snow is still on the ground and it’s time to buy Braves tickets.  We had a great New Year celebration  with Riverboat.  The basement expansion project is well under way and may be completed by month’s end.  Christmas cards will go out this month, and a few MLK Jr cards will sneak out as well.  Our prayers are with Ruby and Mike! Drew is two less than forty. 

2008 – 08′ Got 2B Great!   “Year of the Rat, or will be in a few weeks”

December – Advent Begins: Come on down! The Christ is right!!  This month pasted so quickly it was filled with many fun events, but

The coming of Christ is our anticipation this Advent Season.

November – The family collection of nativity / manger scenes make their Blue Ridge debut at the Light Up Blue Ridge 2007 festival of lights. It was a lovely day with many visitors and friends share the  fun of the Christ child from around the world.

October – Downtown Blue Ridge closes streets to welcome over 5000 treat seeking guests and neighbors this Hallowween

Again it is ‘the’ place to be on December 31st! The mile of treats, the parade, costume contest and fall festival of fun at Blue Ridge United Methodist Church.  It’s worth the drive, even from Ohio and Florida, as most guests agree each year.

September – Thirteen year olds have never seen the Braves loose until this year

Until now.. With the pressure off post season play. Luke enjoys birthday fourteen with a Braves, winning team.

August – Back to School, 100 degrees that’s not cool

Sweet sixteen passes written driving test with a 94, look out world. Eighth grader top of the class and big man on campus, but he would even if the pond were a lake, will girls be at stake? Mommy can only stand for three days a week for the four year old, who will prove to be most bold. Prayers for Mikey are needed most.

July – 5 Go West, 5 Return Home

We almost his a moose. We learned every Hannah Montanna song, and added 4500 miles of memories on a VACATION adventure.

June – Luke Goes to Conference

With great maturity and companionship Luke goes to Athens with his old man to enjoy the ellection of delegates. His favorite part were the parody commericals at conference that highlited the week. While John was nominated to lead the delegation in the first two rounds of voting the clergy did not see fit to send him to General Conference this time.

May – Looks Like we ‘May’ Make It!

April – SusyQ’s 16 and Mikey Can’t Eat Just Anything, Anymore

Dreams of Driving Schools, Ipod Nano, Dinner with Agatha and friends SEB celebrate he sweetness with family and friends. Mikey comes home from his nearly one month stay in the Hospitial/”Pen” dispite his good behavior. Growing in strength the worst seems to be over. Get better soon. Love FAB

March – Add One More, Frances Turns Four / Noni Rules the Hoops

The FAB had a self-planned birthday gala with games, karioki and the ever popular jump jump that was well loved dispite the cold breezes.

Noni Mikey Comes in First  and Second in the WOW’s NCAA hoops family pool Jan-n-Jim holding second place. Thanks for all the fun and good games. Next Year, Vandy!

February – Where was Moses when the propane ran out?

As first time users of that clean buring and non-tasting sweet mother of cooking and heating fuels we experiencened our first warm to the last drop goodness. Thankfully the good folks at FOLDGERS natural gas hooked up again with a tank of propain an we were cooking again.

January – Snow in the them thar’ hills

2007 A Year from Heaven

December – Christmas in the Mountains

Santa found us and it was lots of fun. Christmas for days and yummy food.

November – With Great Thanks

How does she do it? WOW can have a birthday and keep the years in check.

Dad’s book of poetry, Down the the River is at the presses and will be ready for Christmas, visit www.buckeyepress.com to order yours today!

October – 6th Year of Bliss

Chattanooga is a great get-away. Great food, fun music, neat shops, but the Atlanta Aquarium dwarfs theirs. Leaves in Blue Ridge, Cherokee and Asheville are exceptional. Didn’t make it into the trout streams this month. As we spend more days apart this month than any in the past six years we are happy to celebrate our 6th.

September – A Season of Meetings, Trainings and Retreats

Luke is a teenager! Daddy Does Dalas Forth Worth (Arlington) training for Letter From Dad. Prayers for uncle Bill and thanks for uncle Drew’s new job!

August – Back to School, Back to Work, Back to the Beach

The Brantley’s Divide and Conquor: While WB and FB return to the sands of HHI, LB and SB return to school. JB enjoys new ministry and fly fishing. VB celebrates DB’s new job in scenic Calhoun, GA.

July – St. Simons, The Big Apple, LB and JB Survive Class 3

The Brantleys enjoy the hospitality of an un-named WSB celebrety’s ocean-walk bungalow complete with sand castles, fire works and private pool with infinity hot tub. Nanna takes the whole family on a whirlwind tour of The City. Lady Liberty, the U.N., The MOMA, the MONH, 2 – count them Broadway Shows,  Dinner at Sardi’s, Bagels on the street, an unforgetable down pouring rain just before racing to the airport for tornado driven delays at LGA. A great time was had by all, by the time we got home.  LB leads ends the summer camping and paddling the Nantahala with his old man, two hours of arm work, look at those muscles now!

June –  The move is on.

Listen to a story ’bout a man named John, lived in the ATL, his sanity gone, Then one day he was preach’n from the Word, when up from the bishop came an appointment that was new. he said get there where it’s blue, Blue Ridge, that is Methodist. So he packed up his family and in boxes and trucks, and off the went with more faith than luck. Ya’ll come visit now, ya hear.

May – School’s Out

SEB graduates top of her class. We are proud but not surprised.
 LB graduates top without the medals, and we are proud but not surprised.                   FAB moves through playgroup into summer swimming, counts to 14 and prefers “secondary roads” to the highway.

AprilThe Month of Birthdays

SEB, DMB, RIB, and JTB (Balloons are released in memorial for DMB as FAB’s request. but this also creates some fear that all balloons will go to heaven. So she keeps hers.

March 2006

FAB is 3

February 2006

MacMac we will miss you. I great hero, friend and role model has shared so much for us to remember and grow from. We love you. Copies of his Book “Down to the River” will be available this Summer. Pre-order yours today.

January 2006

Happy New Year: The photo that was to be the happy Chinese New Year card that has not yet been sent.

WB still winning the birthday race, but thrilled to celebrate another lap. We give thanks in “North Vinnings” this year. WB celebrates upon the high seas with new girl friends, wins the day at the spa and gets the bear rug. MB’s book is going to print! copies will be available at buckeyepress.com

2006 A Year of Life-Changing Days