Works in Progress

Co-Capts of CodependencyTM

A triangular homelife of the characters Victor the Victim, Bossy the Abuser, and Eddy the Enabler caretaker live in perpetual chaos. Checkout their latest conversations as Co-Captains of the CodependencyTM.

No Questions, No HesitationsTM

Five college students take the example of a group building exercise to pledge support to one another during their future selves. The twists of compassion and complicity weave a thrilling tale.

Like an OxTM

The story of a human struggle with integrity, fidelity, and passion. This inter-dimensional journey of satisfying one’s passions with passionately living as a person of faith in God reveals the temptations and cycles of coming of age in every age.

Advice from the ExperiencedTM

Advice on dating, marriage, and life in general from the voices and stories of those who have traveled before.


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Jane Doe

Tribute to “Pooty Pootwell”

Upcoming Participants Liz: 

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